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Frank is Screwed :: Michelle Didn't Use Veto :: Frank & Bridgette Nom'd
The BB Chatter Show - Saturday night 7 PM Pac / 10 PM East

+ Follow up on Fall BB~ Andy reports this morning it is on track and will more than likely be on CBS All Access ~ - smartypants - 07/27/2016 08:25AM
- Thanks! Looks like VIP will have plenty to chat about this fall NM - Keith X - 07/27/2016 08:28AM
- Oh yes! Im thrilled NM - smartypants - 07/27/2016 08:33AM
- Thanks :o) NM - CrazyForBB - 07/27/2016 08:36AM
- Thanks smartypants!!! NM - Amethyst - 07/27/2016 08:39AM
- YES!!! NM - matersamich - 07/27/2016 08:46AM
- That would be so great but I'm greedy I want 99 days! NM - skarlett - 07/27/2016 09:57AM
- hehehe NM - CrazyForBB - 07/27/2016 09:59AM
+ At 7:07 the house gos silent Frank said goodnight to Bridgette. Me to bye bye. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 07:27AM
+ Fr and B finally go to bed about 7:05am, bb time. All are finally in bed. NM - NYer - 07/27/2016 07:20AM
- This is the seaon I hate a HG{s) one minute and love them the next. Minute by minute almost it changes Paul is one I dislike the strongest - Amethyst - 07/27/2016 07:34AM
- This is why I have not watched the live feeds for a week. I will not give any energy to the unnecessary cruelty shown by most of the HGs. - csnet - 07/27/2016 09:38AM
- I watched the flashback and in my opinion Paul was the one doing the bullying to Bridget . What a big mouth douche bag NM - skarlett - 07/27/2016 09:58AM
+ Is the tv in the living room allways on with a blue sreen? because it is right now. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 07:15AM
- Well i mean when the light were on in the living room. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 07:18AM
+ Paul and Paulie have nicknames for all the hgts Nicoles is short stuff. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 06:59AM
+ Have these guys been to bed ? NM - Cochon - 07/27/2016 06:39AM
- No according to Joker's Update Frank and Bridgette are in the BY bonding over the incident. Paul inside boasting he ruined Brid NM - Amethyst - 07/27/2016 06:59AM
+ I loved it when Paul told Brigette to stop giggly and baking all the time that it was not working NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 06:04AM
+ What an unnecessary, cruel plan, to turn them against each other NM - mmic23 - 07/27/2016 05:58AM
- It's part of the game more drama NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 06:06AM
- Not when they've been isolated for like 2 weeks now, and one of them is already going home NM - mmic23 - 07/27/2016 06:13AM
- I agree mmic There are lies and there are malicious lies. It was wrong on many levels NM - Amethyst - 07/27/2016 07:01AM
+ Frank just came out to talk to Bridget and she gets all giggly. SMH NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:42AM
- If you want to FB it 5:42 AM cams 3/4. I'm fading so I may fall asleep, NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:43AM
- She is not doing a good job communicating and Frank is getting loud, which makes it worse. I can't watch him get loud with her. NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:58AM
- He has picked up on lies people have told supposedly so he may start calling people out later, she is whining. UGH NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:59AM
- She is asking him to calm down a little, he says he's trying to give her some tough love NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 06:02AM
+ Isn't there a difference between saying you want to stay, and campaigning against someone? This house is needlessly nasty NM - mmic23 - 07/27/2016 05:24AM
- They are exaggerating on purpose to make Bri believe it, I don't know why NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:25AM
- And she's now telling them everything. Weeks of loyalty, and she even turned on him, without a second thought NM - mmic23 - 07/27/2016 05:26AM
- I think when you say you want to stay that is campaigning. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 05:40AM
+ 5:00 FRANK and Paulie haveing convo in KT NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 05:20AM
+ Pauls bed is covered in powder NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 05:13AM
+ Frank first told Paul he was't campaigning agents Bridgette now he said he wants to stay NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 05:05AM
+ There will be fireworks shortly when Frank talks to Bridgette and finds out what's going on right now. NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 04:57AM
- They have convinced Bridgette that Frank has been working against her, she is looking for another place to sleep NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:05AM
- Frank is now inside asking everyone what's going on. Everything is about to hit the fan I think NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:06AM
- I've never seen Da so excited. NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:08AM
- Paulie is filling Frank in, FB 5:10AM feeds 1 & 2 Paulie says HE is the one saying she wanted to go home, I'm so confused. :-) NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:10AM
- What is it with these people, when I can't sleep I expect fireworks, Bridgette is hiding out with the other, Fr goes to bed NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:21AM
- Paul/Paulie outside celebrating, talk about roping Bri in and keeping her from the girls, clipping Nic and Da, trust James NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:23AM
- After all that Paul, Paulie, Da are recapping celebrating, Frank went to bed, and Bri is alone in the BY NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:39AM
- Bri is talking to herself, saying she is so gullible. NM - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 05:39AM
+ I woke up to excitement on the feeds. I don't know all the details but Paul,Paulie, and Da hatched some plan. - Tennessee - 07/27/2016 04:56AM
+ Frank and Paul convo in Yosemite Natoinal Park NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 04:34AM
- Bridgette haveing a convo in LR at the same time NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 04:47AM
+ Paul and Bridgette convo in backyard very interesting NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 03:56AM
- 3:57 Bridgettes light gos on. NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 04:09AM
- Bridgette tells Paul that Frank told her not to put up Nic and Corey NM - bumpercar - 07/27/2016 04:21AM
+ Lots of whispering going on. Da is stirring the pot, Paul is lying a lot, Paulie thinks he's hot, Frank is still screwed. NM - Keith X - 07/27/2016 03:40AM
+ Frank just said, "my old lady." is he married? I've been misreading his and Bridgette's relationship. NM - little sister - 07/26/2016 09:52PM
- Frank has a very pretty girlfriend that's all I know NM - greatgranny peg - 07/26/2016 09:58PM
- Eh, my husband uses 'my old lady' to refer to our cat. Our cat is a an 18 year old male who is seriously moody and clingly. NM - capgirl - 07/27/2016 12:50AM
+ Nicole is freaking out again about Frank possibility coming back or being jury with him, NM - greatgranny peg - 07/26/2016 09:40PM
- have they been told that somebody else is coming back? what's that deal? NM - little sister - 07/26/2016 09:42PM
- The secret room deal played out with probable 1. Evicted hg can return. Nic is just whiney about everything! NM - greatgranny peg - 07/26/2016 09:44PM
- is there a golden card or something, and if the evicted house guest has it, they can come back? Do we know who has it? NM - little sister - 07/26/2016 09:50PM
- I know she's whiny but there's nobody to like! NM - little sister - 07/26/2016 09:51PM
- Current hg have the return trip to come back no idea who has it only revealed upon eviction nite nexxt4 weeks NM - greatgranny peg - 07/26/2016 09:58PM
- Nobody knows who (if anyone) comes back. Could be any of them One of the 12 envelopes in the secret room had a 'round trip' ticket that - capgirl - 07/27/2016 01:52AM
+ Is it me or is BB really limiting what we get to hear anymore? Everytime they talk about movies we get fish, when they talk about their personal - matersamich - 07/26/2016 08:12PM
- and yet they let paul ramble on aimlessly NM - arjayar2 - 07/26/2016 08:14PM
- It's always ok to let us listen when they talk about nothing. NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 09:34PM
- They really should penalize them somehow, if they keep breaking rules(singing, talking about production, etc), wear a goofy outfit for the day NM - Youpster - 07/26/2016 08:27PM
- I have been noticing somebody (what do y'all call him skippy?) on the loudspeaker a lot more this season. NM - whome - 07/26/2016 08:44PM
- I forgot to add that Da and Michelle were talking about 'the stipend' last night and even though they got a warning they kept talking about it. NM - whome - 07/26/2016 08:45PM
- How much is the stipend if you make jury? Is it major loot? Or just more than they make in the real world? NM - SuzyQ - 07/26/2016 08:56PM
- I would think if Da was a good Dealer a Vegas casino would hire just based on her BB celebrity. NM - SuzyQ - 07/26/2016 09:02PM
- No way. Dealing is a minimum wage occupation in Vegas, always. NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 09:35PM
- I always tip well, win or lose. It's got to add up pretty good. NM - SuzyQ - 07/26/2016 09:40PM
- It used to be like $750 a week or something like that NM - mmic23 - 07/26/2016 09:02PM
- That's not much! About $36,000 a year, but likely more than most of them make in the RL. NM - 007BB - 07/26/2016 09:23PM
- I read somewhere that it's now $1000 a week. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 09:32PM
- Correct NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 09:35PM
+ My wife and I play a game, when it comes to big brother, and all of these reality shows... - mmic23 - 07/26/2016 07:52PM
- Sounds fun. I would think Frank has the golden envelope. Your daughter is probably good with her pick,IMO NM - SuzyQ - 07/26/2016 07:58PM
- Now Paulie looks like Paul the Hedgehog and this morning walking around in his underwear like Jozea NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 08:03PM
- ;} NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 08:04PM
- i use to think he was a smart player . not now he has changed NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 08:09PM
+ I REALLY want Paul gone. So sick of having to jump on the volume button every time he yells. That and everything else abt him.. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:50PM
+ Big News in the BB House (thanks to Hamsterwatch)... "Nicole & Corey are discussing their freckles" NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 07:19PM
- give them a sharpie and let them connect the dots, of course someone will have to take the cap off for corey NM - arjayar2 - 07/26/2016 07:21PM
- Luv u, RJR! You bring the laughs I so need these days.☺ NM - mommahello - 07/26/2016 07:32PM
- and explain the connecting thing. NM - SuzyQ - 07/26/2016 07:33PM
+ Late Afternoon Talk with Paul.......on 2 cameras.....Really? He thinks we care about all things Paul. Ugh! NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:00PM
- Corey by himself cooking on the other 2....... Geez. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:06PM
- does he ever stop talking? NM - arjayar2 - 07/26/2016 07:08PM
- Not that I've seen! NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:12PM
- Victor left the room. Even he couldn't stand it anymore.. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:17PM
- About himself.... NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:17PM
- Yes he brings his own walking narrative of his life, which would be why he ends up talking to himself a lot NM - arjayar2 - 07/26/2016 07:20PM
- I bet he even talks in his sleep NM - arjayar2 - 07/26/2016 07:17PM
- They need to show us something else!! NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:18PM
- He's been going non stop for hours. NM - NYer - 07/26/2016 07:41PM
- Narcissism at its worst NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 07:44PM
+ I had to re-arrange some things and cancel tonight's episode of BBAD. That means I will probably miss the most exciting nite of the season. NM - whome - 07/26/2016 06:06PM
+ When do the hg's get clues about the room? NM - Rashonda - 07/26/2016 04:45PM
- Lol, they got them, and have all found the room NM - mmic23 - 07/26/2016 05:02PM
- Guess it wasn't much of a challenge, if all of them found it NM - Youpster - 07/26/2016 06:13PM
- BB kept giving them DR hints until there weren't any clues left i.e. they practically told them what to do NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 06:26PM
- I flash backed part of it.Most HGs were lazy, just watching & expecting Paul to figure it out. They've NOTHING to do in there-you would think - mommahello - 07/26/2016 07:30PM
- Yesterday NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 05:32PM
+ Frank's fatal flaw this season has been trusting Paulie NM - mmic23 - 07/26/2016 04:10PM
- ITA with you! NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 05:27PM
+ Michele is in the Paris room w/ Paul and Da badmouthing France and Europe in general, saying they are all rude and stare at you if you're fat. NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 03:38PM
- She makes the room light up with her opinions doesn't she? LOL Girl has issues and she invented RUDE. NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 03:40PM
+ In case anyone is interested in the next Celeb Big Brother U.K. cast....(an American Icon included)>>> - kaper - 07/26/2016 12:59PM
- CBB is usually fun, IMO. So is their regular BBUK. But UGH...Ariana's half brother is on CBB? ERRRK! NM - austinpeep - 07/26/2016 01:29PM
- Enough of a reason for me to not even read about it. NM - ChrissyNC - 07/26/2016 01:40PM
- BTW, the American Icon is not Ariana's half brother...just so there's no misunderstanding lol NM - austinpeep - 07/26/2016 03:24PM
+ An Important Announcement Regarding The BBChatter Radio Show. - Finley - 07/26/2016 11:12AM
- Take care of yourself. My greatest wish for you is a speedy recovery with no after affects. Be well Finley. NM - Amethyst - 07/26/2016 11:19AM
- Sure hope you will be able to return before too long, but your health & hearing is most important! NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 11:30AM
- Finley, you are so right to take care of your health first. I have had an eardrum rupture (twice) and a female doctor told me that the pain was - MSlady - 07/26/2016 11:37AM
- Finley. I love your insight on the BB shenanegans but nothing is more important than your well-being...take care. NM - ontheroof - 07/26/2016 01:25PM
- Oh I am so sorry Finley. Take care of YOU first. NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 12:02PM
- Finley, thanks for letting us know. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you take good care of yourself. NM - Cochon - 07/26/2016 12:45PM
- Take care Finley! NM - Aelise - 07/26/2016 12:45PM
- Get well soon, Finley. NM - matersamich - 07/26/2016 12:55PM
- Healing hugs sent your way. NM - kaper - 07/26/2016 01:02PM
- Wishing you best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you'll be 100% very soon. NM - NYer - 07/26/2016 01:04PM
- Finley, feel better real soon. Take good care of yourself. NM - BBRocks - 07/26/2016 01:09PM
- Take care of yourself. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. NM - taxgirl50 - 07/26/2016 01:10PM
- I am seriously in love with evilgnome! NM - luvmaddy - 07/26/2016 01:53PM
- Segment 01 - How I blew both ears at once and was it worth it... NM - evilgnome - 07/26/2016 01:44PM
- Take care Finley and please don't stray too far! I hope this situation doesn't involve much pain. Sending healing thoughts your way. NM - luvmaddy - 07/26/2016 01:54PM
- I can't speak for Finley but there is a good amount of pain with a busted ear drum. :-( NM - Cochon - 07/26/2016 02:06PM
- Yes, there is!! Before and during are the worst. There is some degree of relief after. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 02:47PM
- I hope you feel better soon. You will be missed NM - Rusty - 07/26/2016 01:59PM
- Findley, it is a wonderful testament to this site, Keith & to us chatters that you so comfortably filled us in on your personal - mommahello - 07/26/2016 02:57PM
- Be well and most importantly take care, eventhough we will not listen to your voice we all know you will be with us. NM - Nushy_Miami - 07/26/2016 04:43PM
- Oh Finley, I am so sorry for your health issues. You will be sorely missed but getting well is your priority. Prayers 4 you NM - Lumina - 07/26/2016 04:58PM
- I will miss you. Take care of yourself. NM - Cathy - 07/26/2016 07:35PM
- Please take care of your self that is #1 priority. BBChatter & radio show will miss you. My best to healing soon NM - greatgranny peg - 07/26/2016 09:30PM
- Take care of yourself and wishing you a speedy recovery. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/27/2016 08:16AM
+ Does anybody else think paul might pull this off and be the winner? NM - Jesserican - 07/26/2016 10:23AM
- No. NM - MSlady - 07/26/2016 10:52AM
- He won't win, he's done nothing of value in the game. Paul is a tool, an ass, and a fool. Hope he goes soon! NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 11:31AM
- Well said! NM - raindropsonroses - 07/26/2016 12:08PM
- Paul entertains me yet irritates me. It very strange. NM - matersamich - 07/26/2016 12:56PM
- It's like you read my thoughts. NM - NYer - 07/26/2016 12:57PM
- Are we twins this year, NYer? NM - matersamich - 07/26/2016 01:52PM
+ 1:00 this morning Nat and Meesh tell Nic about all the boy talking together yesterday. NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 09:54AM
- 3:05 Corey tells Nic that Paulie asked him take out Z when the time comes ... NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 10:06AM
- Nic should catch on to a all boy alliance? NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 10:09AM
- Oh boy..she's already a paranoid basket case, this should send her over the edge:-) NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 10:19AM
- Good TV!!! NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 11:32AM
+ I don't know how reliable this source is...but >>>>> - kaper - 07/26/2016 05:45AM
- Sweet!!! NM - matersamich - 07/26/2016 06:41AM
- I wondered why they were casting. Makes sense NM - smartypants - 07/26/2016 06:41AM
- It appears the Casting Call originated on twitter and isn't connected to Kassting Inc. Theories floating! POP? All Access? Hoax? - smartypants - 07/26/2016 06:53AM
- Does anybody know where the casting is being held? NM - Jesserican - 07/26/2016 07:03AM
- IMO it isnt legit. Search #BIGBROTHER19 on twitter. For what its worth CBS has their online application active NM - smartypants - 07/26/2016 07:09AM
- Snopes has nothing as well NM - Amethyst - 07/26/2016 07:28AM
- IMO it's BS ;) I hope I'm wrong. NM - CrazyForBB - 07/26/2016 08:00AM
- I agree this can't be true. NM - Cochon - 07/26/2016 08:31AM
- Usually reliable, but sole source for this rumor right now NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 09:08AM
- ... but from a production & financial perspective it makes sense. Reasonable numbers for very little cost. NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 09:18AM
- There would no casting call if aa All Stars perhaps. I will believe when CBS makes it official NM - Amethyst - 07/26/2016 09:29AM
- I would love to see them do this again and until we find out it's a hoax I hold out hope for a better cast NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 09:23AM
- They could just send this cast home now and do a reset and that would be fine with me LOL NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 09:24AM
- here is the casting call - smartypants - 07/26/2016 09:34AM
- I was just going to post that. It shows #BB18 dated July 25 2016. Maybe they want a new BB18 cast to save the season. :) NM - csnet - 07/26/2016 09:48AM
- LOL yep! Adam Cook Casting Producer in LA does seem to be legit NM - smartypants - 07/26/2016 09:52AM
- is there hope for a non all stars fall 2016? lol NM - Amethyst - 07/26/2016 09:53AM
- Maybe Kass did such a crappy job with the cast of BB18 they've hired someone else? Wonder if AG will produce if true? NM - Cochon - 07/26/2016 09:54AM
- Maybe she's busy enough to put someone else under contract to handle the first round of screening ;) NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 10:04AM
- Only CBS knows for certain, but at least it gives us something to talk about on a slow Tuesday ;) NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 10:02AM
- For sure. I'm hoping it's true cause I may be giving up this job and I'll need some form of entertainment or I'll go nuts. LOL. NM - matersamich - 07/26/2016 10:07AM
- This guy is using a gmail account asking for submissions...that doesn't sound legit. NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 10:17AM
- Not true, gmail is used in business more these days, because it is more secure than many self-managed systems NM - Keith X - 07/26/2016 11:28AM
- Really Keith? I had no idea! I stand corrected thank you for letting me know, this could be for real. NM - skarlett - 07/26/2016 12:00PM
- CBS doesn't have room in it's fall line-up right now. TAR isn't even on even though it'ss been taped already. NM - ChrissyNC - 07/26/2016 01:42PM
+ James said the wine is not real NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:48AM
+ James and Nat are going into the paris room NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:19AM
- They should drink the wine, NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:21AM
+ James told Nat that Paulie would let Z go but Paulie won't be the one to do it NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:03AM
- James could make it to the end if he 'd keep his mouth shut NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:09AM
- Da,Paulie,Nic and Paul tell him everything.He should sit back and let them talk. NM - bumpercar - 07/26/2016 02:17AM
+ It's 3am here. Think I'll go to bed, read some and try to sleep. If not, I know where to find you. Good night all. NM - NYer - 07/26/2016 12:01AM
- Sweet Dreams, (((NYer))). NM - CrazyForBB - 07/26/2016 12:10AM
+ I got a warning on my first night here. Me sitting here rambling can't lead to anything good. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:16PM
- I'll take my night-night pill and try to settle down.. cause i already have a question I don't know if is ok. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:16PM
- about the birds and the bees and the couples in the house. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:18PM
- Hey there little sister! NM - CrazyForBB - 07/25/2016 11:24PM
- hey crazy. sup? NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:25PM
- i've just been postulating about the affection levels of some of the couples. and trying to keep it G rated. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:27PM
- Hey, Crazy. Sleepless night for you too? NM - NYer - 07/25/2016 11:26PM
- Yes NYer! Happy to see you here :o) NM - CrazyForBB - 07/25/2016 11:34PM
- The force is strong with this one. NM - evilgnome - 07/25/2016 11:27PM
- people starting to stir. Hope I didn't wake anybody up. i'm' just rambling randomly, randomly ramblng. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:31PM
- ....... NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:36PM
- LMAO evilgmone NM - CrazyForBB - 07/25/2016 11:35PM
- little sister...we enjoy conversation & updates on the rats in the house too. There's been snuggling but I doubt any real sex! NM - 007BB - 07/25/2016 11:35PM
- Hey there 007 great seeing you here too :o) NM - CrazyForBB - 07/25/2016 11:36PM
- ((((Crazy)))) Good to see you too! I was about to hit the hay! Thought I'd check on the house rats 1st. NM - 007BB - 07/25/2016 11:37PM
- i'm up because of a house rat too.. but without the euphemism. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:51PM
+ the HedgeHog twins are sleeping in the same position in the same bed. If they were 3 ft. closer they would be spooning. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 10:50PM
- Who are the hedge hog twins little sister? NM - 007BB - 07/25/2016 10:55PM
- Paul and Paulie. My dogs have stuffed hedgehog toys and their looks like that. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 10:56PM
- ok, that wasn't them. Z and Michelle just put whip cream on paul and paulie sleeping in separate beds. I don't know who those other two were. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:04PM
- Paul's mad cause it got all in his ear. He seems to be strange about his orafices... orafi?.I hope he doesn't do some water ritual.. NM - little sister - 07/25/2016 11:09PM